Podcasts that are good: Beef and Dairy Network

The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast is the number one podcast for those involved with – or just interested in – the production of beef animals and dairy herds. The podcast is the companion to the Beef and Dairy Network website and printed magazine, and provides a fascinating blend of news from around the world … Continue reading Podcasts that are good: Beef and Dairy Network

‘Fleabag’: yes, it is that good

As with converts to The Wire, The Sopranos or Game of Dragons, Breasts and Thrones, I’m apparently obliged to convince you how brilliant Fleabag is. And with only six episodes it’s (appropriately) much less of a commitment than those other shows. Everyone involved in the world of comedy seems to unanimously agree that Fleabag is … Continue reading ‘Fleabag’: yes, it is that good