Bursting the bubble

In these days of increasingly polarised politics, it can be very easy to be stuck in a little bubble of people who only agree with you. “How can people possibly have voted Leave/elected Trump/decided racism is OK again?” you wonder, not realising how out of tune you are with the rest of the world! The … Continue reading Bursting the bubble


Where do you come from? Not Paris, anyway

Europe in 2017: where an actual, literal fascist wins around 35% of the vote in a presidential election, and this is a good thing. It’s hard to feel completely overjoyed about le Pen’s defeat. The fact the Front National can get as far as they did is worrying – they, and the people who were … Continue reading Where do you come from? Not Paris, anyway

Apocalypse humour: not the end of the world

Things are bad, aren’t they? On the day I’m writing this, Marine le Pen, the leader of a cast-iron, no-bones-about-it, they-literally-call-themselves-that fascist party, has been photographed in Trump Tower. Yesterday was the shower of shite that was Trump’s first press conference since winning the election. It doesn’t really matter though; you could be reading this … Continue reading Apocalypse humour: not the end of the world

The coelocanth-like discovery shocking America

In what is already being called ‘the discovery of the century,’ white experts have been shocked to discover living examples of Racism in the USA. “It’s astonishing to have actual proof that Racism still exists,” said one commentator. “Unless I saw it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.” Once widespread across the … Continue reading The coelocanth-like discovery shocking America