The coelocanth-like discovery shocking America

In what is already being called ‘the discovery of the century,’ white experts have been shocked to discover living examples of Racism in the USA. “It’s astonishing to have actual proof that Racism still exists,” said one commentator. “Unless I saw it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.” Once widespread across the … Continue reading The coelocanth-like discovery shocking America


How Good Did Metallica Used to Be?

Metal fans love to say how crap Metallica are. In fact, it’s probably their favourite activity, next to obnoxiously yelling “SLAYER!” for no real reason, and completely denying that it’s worth talking about metal’s gender politics. So to redress the balance slightly I want to point out just how fucking awesome Metallica were once upon … Continue reading How Good Did Metallica Used to Be?